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The political ‘Darth Vader’ 政治版黑武士

For anyone who is willing to read what I write this time, I want to reiterate to you that depression patients still have the ability to have own political views, and I decide to talk about politics this time because I hope no psychiatrists or medical professionals would judge their patients on their political view ever… Continue reading The political ‘Darth Vader’ 政治版黑武士


Gossip about the mentally-ill 說精神問題的人是非

話說起來,由昨晚開始真的好失落。望著面前的筆記,要準備的課堂,我束手無策。就算隨便猜也猜不到答案。小時候我成績不錯,其實反而現在發現是念好多書會制造太大壓力,因為接受不了突然卻念不下去吧。反正哭了一整晚之後,竟就發燒了。小時候,過度緊張可以使我皮膚敏感,現在一溫習就滿身出汗,最後,原来失控一個晚上就可以讓我發燒,不過同時讓我大條道理休息。 Speaking of last night, I felt nothing else but frustrated . Looking at the notes in front of me to prepare for classes, I simply had no clues at all to find any answers at all. My academic results have always been quite good ever since a young age, which ironically transformed into pressure that I found… Continue reading Gossip about the mentally-ill 說精神問題的人是非