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How dose each of us describe ourselves?  我們每個人如何形容自己?

  • Who’s Lala? ?

💻 guest author ‘Yaya’ 香港獨立媒體網  Yaya @ 香港獨立媒體網

💻 guest author  ‘Lala’  vjmedia 輔仁 爾雅集  Lala @ vjmedia 輔仁 爾雅集


Depression Patient; Law Student (England/France); Religious Believer: I wanna get the world to learn about depression through my Chinese-English posts, and to encourage patients to seek medical treatment.

抑鬱症患者 ;法律系學生 (英國/法國); 宗教信徒 : 我希望透過自己中英對照的文章讓大家可以更多了解抑鬱症,和鼓勵病人去就醫。


  • Who’s PetPetma?

Hello~ I’m PetPetma (petpet’s mummy)! From now on I will record petpet’s growing up diary as well as sharing stories as a newbie owner! Stay tuned!!

哈囉~ 我係 PetPetma (PetPet嘅媽媽)! 係呢到我會負責記錄PetPet嘅成長日記同埋分享新手狗媽媽嘅甜酸苦辣!請密切留意啦!


  • Who’s Koala Bear?

the ‘decadent’ illustrator who is in love with eating and sleeping (primary-school level)




  • Who’s Happy Guy? (快樂人)

Hong Kong bred student in U.K for 5 years, an optimistic teen who jokes daily



  • Who’s Caterpillar?

Be yourself, as no one else can.



  • Who’s Starry?

To endure the tough environment to transform from a little girl into a queen.



Credit to: Koala Bear


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