First week of Petpet 屁屁在家的第一週

So our co-founder Petpetma is finally writing LOL! Plz show a millions of support of her post below!  ( And again, Lala’s hoping my English translation makes sense! ) P.S. As to Petpetma, plz forgive me for always nagging you to write! 我們的聯合創辦人 Petpetma 終於寫帖子了!請大家萬分支持她以下的文章!(再一次,Lala 希望我的英語翻譯可看明白吧!) 附:Petpetma! 請您原諒我經常囉嗦您交稿! ❤️Lala   It has been a week already since the… Continue reading First week of Petpet 屁屁在家的第一週