About Ὀμορφιά Omorhpia

Ὀμορφιά Omorhpia

The ancient Greek word for ‘beauty’. To share the happiness of seeing the beauty of things.


Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. (a flower shop near a tube station in London, taken late 2015 )


Hi, I’m Lala. Thanks to the suggestion of Petpetma(Co-founder), she has created this so that I can find a way to express myself, and to kill time (I had fun using my own photos to make the cover of this blog for e.g.). I will call myself ‘Lala’ here, ‘cos I really like rilakkuma these days, and one cute penguin living in Japan is called ‘Lala’ too. You can check out the Youtube link at the very bottom. (Yes, I know I’m being so lame~)

The primary purpose of this blog is to talk about the importance of mental health, and maybe bullsh*t a little about other things in between.

Hi, I’m Lala. 謝謝Petpetma(Co-founder) 的建議,她創造了這個博客,讓我可以表達一下自己和打發時間(像我用我自己的相片做這個博客的封面都挺好玩)。我決定在這裡叫自己做「Lala」,因為我最近好愛鬆弛熊/「拉拉熊」(臺灣的叫法),還有一隻生活於日本,好可愛的企鵝就也是叫做「Lala」。想看企鵝「Lala」就按下面的Youtube鏈接。(OK,我知我幼稚)


Lala Penguin Goes Shopping in Japan




Why I choose ‘Omorhpia’?  -> ‘Cos I am in the process of learning to see the beauty in things.

為什麼我選擇了’Omorhpia“? – > 因為我正在學習看到事物中的美的過程。


‘Mastermind’?  -> I’m gonna rumble about my own depression story, and hopefully record how do I stay away from depression once I am recovered (and hope I don’t have to talk about relapse).

‘Mastermind’?  ->我會咕噥一下我自己的抑鬱症故事,並希望記錄自己在將來康復後如何預防自己抑鬱(希望我不用談論復發吧)。


‘Master-key’? -> I will recite about the importance of looking for a ‘key’ to lead one’s out of depression, whether it is by own or a religious source.

‘Master-key’? -> 我會敘述一下去尋找走出抑鬱症的’鎖匙’的重要性,來源可以是自己或者宗教信仰。


‘Masterpiece’? -> I or other authors will babble to share about books, people, music, activities… that we like. (Both depression related or non-related)

‘Masterpiece’? -> 我或嘉賓筆者都會嘮叨地分享喜歡的書籍,人物,音樂,地方,活動…。(無論有關或無關抑鬱症)


‘Masterclass’? -> (I don’t mean the masterclass as in musical terms!) It is gonna cover some technical knowledge.

‘Masterclass’? -> (我指的不是音樂術語裡的 masterclass 啦!)會去覆蓋一些技術性知識。


‘Master-love’? -> To talk about the personal views of different authors on ‘love’.

‘Master-love’? -> 要談論不同的作者對「愛」的個人看法。


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2 thoughts on “About Ὀμορφιά Omorhpia

  1. 我比較喜歡鬆弛熊的白色朋友and小雞朋友
    他們有沒有名字 ummm



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