A mentally-ill family member 有精神病的家庭成員


Having a very bad cold for over six days, I did nothing apart from being absent from school and sleeping, and drinking lots of tea, or well, just kept drinking fluid. As advised by the doctor to stay at home, I got to read lots of news and took time to relax to watch drama. I read some news about people with mental health issues again, and I also watched a drama series based on a storyline in which it involves a character with dissociative identity disorder, something like one person has several personalities, that kind of idea. In fact, even the kind of sickness I got is also briefly mentioned at the beginning of this drama I watched.

多於六天都在感冒,除了沒有上學和不停睡覺,也喝了很多茶,其實只是保持飲用好多液體吧! 根據醫生建議留在家裡,我就閱讀了很多新聞,花了時間放鬆看劇集。 我又讀了一些關於心理健康問題的新聞,還觀看了一部基於精神病的故事情節的劇集,我看的那部劇集敘述一個有身份認知障礙的人物,就像是一個人有幾個人格。 連我的那個病也在我看的這部戲的第一集時有簡略提到過。


Comparatively what I got is very mild, I have affective bipolar disorder, and some people who has the same kind of sickness as me have to be hospitalised. It depends on whether a patient’s family has the time to take care of the patient or more unfortunately, patients got disowned by their family members.

相比之下,我的病非常輕微吧,我有燥鬱症,有一些人和我也有同樣的疾病但必須住院治療。 這取決於病人的家庭成員是否有時間照顧病人,或者更不幸的是,病人被家人遺棄了。


The news also said that some mentally-ill are homeless and amid those who sleep on the street have mental health issues. I suddenly feel bad as I once complained to my psychiatrist why he charged me so much. If I could be asked to be paid, wouldn’t that mean my condition wasn’t as bad? He said that he once treated a patient for free who was mentally sick, who became homeless and after getting all treated, the patient was already disowned by his family. I have lots of thoughts of this.

看新聞可得知一些精神病患者無家可歸,在那些睡在街上的人裏面混在一起,不過有心理健康問題。 我突然感到有點不太好意思,因為我曾經向我的精神科醫生抱怨為什麼他收費貴。 如果我可以被要求支付診金,這不是意味著我的情況有那麼壞? 他說,他曾經免費治療過一名精神病人,病人無家可歸,在得到所有治療後,病人早已經被家人趕出家了。 對這個我有很多的想法。


I still think for the majority of people, parents will not disown their kids that easily as compared to spouses or lovers who would usually mark an end to romance. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I was coughing and sneezing at the reception area of my student accommodation, waiting for my grocery delivery whilst others were waiting for flowers, coming back with flowers. In spite of the big contrast, I suddenly thought of something my aunt said to me. She said, a girl has no reasons to be in a relationship with a guy who cannot treat her as well as her own family does. Isn’t family the last resort for a mentally-ill? Is this ignorance, or is it selfishness that makes people decide to disown their family members with mental problems?

我仍然認為,對於大多數人來說,父母不會像配偶或戀人一樣對方有精神病就離開,就是說相比下,不會那樣容易就不顧有精神病的孩子。 昨天是情人節。 我在學生宿舍的門口一邊咳嗽和打噴嚏,一邊等待我的超市送貨服務,而其他人正在等待鮮花,或抱著花回來。 有著這個好大的對比,我突然想到了我阿姨對我說過的話。 她說,一個女孩沒有理由與一個不能像她自己的家人一樣對待她的男生談戀愛。 不過,家人不是精神病患者的後盾嗎? 是無知,還是自私,使人們決定讓他們有精神問題的家庭成員從此由家中消失?

❤ Lala


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