【Guest Post】Tips to begin studies in UK (2) 留英貼士(2)

By Guest Author, Happy Guy (English version translated by Lala)
By: 嘉賓作者, 快樂人 (英文版本由Lala翻譯)


Please see the first part about tips to begin studies in U.K., by clicking the below/ 以下連接為留英貼士第一部份:

Tips to begin studies in UK (1) 留英貼士(1)



First and foremost, right after you have finished your administrative work for enrolment to an academic institution, you would have to pack some clothes in order to study in U.K. The climate would be different from that of Hong Kong, since the U.K. is warm in general, with its temperature staying at around 2o degrees. After you have made your final decision to go to the U.K., you would have to purchase clothing of thicker layers to prepare yourself living there. In the September time, U.K.’s temperature would be around 15 degrees, When we move from a place of hot weather to a place of colder weather, many people catch a cold easily as a result. Just to say, most shops in Hong Kong offer this kind of items to be sold.



Besides, prepare yourself with some medication in cases of necessity. Doctors deal with things differently in U.K., where most of them do not offer the prescription of medicine, so this is why you are advised to prepare certain medicine for urgent usage. The second reason is because it is hard to get to see a doctor in the U.K., so people normally would have prepared the medication they need in Hong Kong before arriving in the U.K.



Maps and information about enrolment should also be prepared before leaving Hong Kong. Firstly, documents of enrolment can be divided into a few parts, which may be the public examination results, and VISA-related documents; you would have to prepare a few more photocopies of these documents for the institution you would enrol into. Including these, please prepare your photos and the proof of fee payment, because most universities demand each of their students to submit a lump sum of money in order to hold a space for the student to be affirmed with his student status, and the photos are for producing student ID cards. Maps are mainly useful for those who go to U.K. to study for the very first time, for the fact that each university of the country is relatively bigger, and having a map saves their time to search for their way to varied places inside the institution.



By Guest Author, Happy Guy (English version translated by Lala)
By: 嘉賓作者, 快樂人 (英文版本由Lala翻譯)


P.S. Lala: on the point about it is hard to get to see a doctor in U.K., I have already moaned about the governmental health system in U.K.; I was in fact just waiting for transferal after transferal in order to get to see a psychiatrist in U.K., and just did not get any proper diagnosis by a psychiatrist but by a GP (general practitioner) solely, lacking the medical treatment I truly needed. 😪

P.S. Lala:在英國就是很難看到醫生,我已經抱怨過關於當地政府的醫療系統;我當時只是一直等待一個部門接另一個部門,為的就是看精神科醫生,但最後不能見到精神科醫生而是由GP(一般門診全科醫生),未有得到任何正式的診斷,完全缺乏我真正需要的醫療。😪


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