Try out Japanese maid café 體驗女樸咖啡店

By Guest Author, Happy Guy (Chinese to English translation by Lala) 

By: 嘉賓作者, 快樂人 (中文翻譯至英語 by Lala)


13497710_901620643299204_5273522444852913024_oHi everyone, I have been back to Hong Kong for around 3 weeks already. In this short period of time, I have been spending time with friends and families of whom I have known of a long time. Even the time I have may not be ample, I went to a maid café. This was my very first time where I got to visit a café of Japanese theme.



As I got to this café in Mong Kok, I was curious to look for varied things inside it. For example, those paintings and words hanging on the wall, or those little decorative items on the seats. For me this was truly interesting that I could get to learn more about the Japanese culture with maid café. It was quite a distinct experience, since it aims to serve male customers. From this, male customers came to spend money in order to receive a well-respected and warm-hearted service. Inside the café, the waitress in maid costumes would have to look after or serve a number of customers, and there are opportunities to take photos with the waitress as a souvenir. It can be said that Japanese maid cafés provide an all-rounded service to male customers.



In fact, the waitresses in such costumes failed13509083_901620493299219_5471035235541639865_n to provide good service during my visit. There was only one ‘maid’ and she failed in doing her role to deliver warm-hearted and caring service. There weren’t enough decorate items to boost up the gimmick and lit up the atmosphere. Since the ‘maid’ did not even know how to play the board games, I could not get to interact with her much.




These cafés are mostly targeting male, so that they may have a highly respected feeling for their visit. I would also recommend you to try out other Japanese maid café shops to get your own experience.



P.S. I, Lala actually went there with Happy Guy, and I have a few more things to supplement what he said: if I wanna take a photo with the staff in the maid costume, I would have to pay extra (so that’s why I did not get photos with the ‘maid’ in costume LOL), plus I wanted her to play board games together but she said she had no idea how to play, but when I asked her how would this be possible, she simply answered me that I must be so smart since I know how to play these, and I felt honoured! Hahahaha! Moreover, she did not communicate with any other customers as much compared to her interaction with me, maybe ‘cos the rest of them were male!? LOL! Actually just treat it as a normal upper-floor café would be the correct attitude to visit there. For more photos, please go and like ‘Food Album’ of Omorphia Facebook Page: Food Album [Omorhpia Facebook Page]

附:我,Lala實際上是和快樂人(Happy Guy)那天一起去的,我想再說多一點點:如果我想與穿女僕服裝的工作人員拍照,我將需支付額外的費用(這就是為什麼我沒有與女僕照片LOL),再加上,我希望她能和我們倆一起玩棋類遊戲的,但她說她不知道怎麼玩,但是當我問她怎麼會不知道呢,她乾脆地回答我,我一定是太厲害了,因為我知道怎麼玩這些,我感到很榮幸!哈哈哈哈! 再說,和我的互動比較,她與其他客人不多溝通,可能因為其餘的都是男性? LOL!其實把這café想成一個正常的樓上café的態度去就是了。有更多的照片,請去Omorphia的Facebook頁面 ‘Food Album’ Food Album [Omorhpia Facebook Page],也給個「讚」吧!

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