Giving out ?Extortionate?付出?苛索?

By Guest Author, Starry (Chinese to English translation by Starry + Lala) 

By: 嘉賓作者, Starry (中文翻譯至英語 by Starry + Lala)

*on romantic love / 愛情




Can we say that when two persons are dating, one finds the other too extortionate, whilst in fact, the one that complains simply dose not want to put the same level of effort to the relationship as the ‘extortionate one’?



We always want to be the centre of our own little world, we see how much effort we have put in, we see how much we have sacrificed. Yet, if the other half may not even realise, and so, could it be that it is simply because one has failed to put in a sufficient level of effort into the relationship, or, in fact, we are right to insist that we have done good enough and it is just him/her being too demanding?



I have heard many stories of first-love, one side in the story says: ‘I regret that I did not cherish him/her, or, I regret that I have ignored his/her feelings. So, does it mean that sometimes the seeming-over-demanding requests our other half made might actually be objectively justifiable?



There’s a saying goes: when you point out your finger at the other person and says your blaming words, you have the other 4 fingers turning back to criticise your own-self.



Perhaps, when we each time get a different role to play, we have to remind ourselves that we have to think in the other half’s prior intention, not to criticise the other half from a reverse kind of attitude. When we decide to turn a cold shoulder to what him/her say, possibly behind his/her smile, he/she has already started bleeding deep down inside them?




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