Juvenile suicide 青少年自殺



(中文於下) ✨if you understand Chinese then please watch the video named ”RTHK 鏗鏘集 重生 2016-5-22″ on Youtube‼️

RTHK 鏗鏘集 重生 2016-5-22

As I was watching this video, where it talks about a guy wanted to die, but decided he would not because he wanted to ring his mum to tell his mum that he wanted to go home first; otherwise, he would have been dead ages ago. I strongly recommend you watching this video linked here. Studies don’t worth you (and me) to seek suicide, even though I used to think that failing studies would mean the end of the world to me when I was little.

As said in the video: we simplify academic pressure to be the reason of depression, but this is not true.

After watching this video, my eyes are now flooding in tears, but this dose NOT mean I still wanna go back to my suicidal plan.

If you have any enquiries about suicide or depression, please PM me, as I am mentally sick and I am in your shoes. I want to help you! You can pray to your religion too, if you are religious. Attached photo was when I visited the Rock Church in Finland; I believe in the power of prayers.


✨請觀看在Youtube,名為”RTHK 鏗鏘集 重生 2016-5-22″ 視頻‼️

RTHK 鏗鏘集 重生 2016-5-22

當我在看這個視頻,在裡頭一個男生談論想死,但因為他想打電話找他的媽媽,他決定先回家; 否則,他早就已經死了很久很久。

強烈建議你看這視頻!讀書不如理想? 不值得您(和我)尋求自殺,即使小的時候,我也以為讀書失敗了就將意味著世界沒日了。


如果您有關於自殺或抑鬱症的任何查詢,請PM我,因為我是精神病人,我們坐的是同一艘船,我想幫您!如果您是有宗教信仰,您也可以對您的宗教祈禱。附我在芬蘭參觀岩石教堂照片是; 我相信祈禱的力量。

❤️  Lala

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