The teen trouble 年青人的煩惱

By Guest Author, Happy Guy (Chinese to English translation by Lala) 

By: 嘉賓作者, 快樂人 (中文翻譯至英語 by Lala)

Every teen has different goals and ideally try to fulfil their dreams. When each fresh graduate leaves their institution, they carry varied concerns. In Hong Kong, the attention of the society mostly focuses on house-pricing and one’s social mobility. Since around 5 years ago, the prices of houses have risen approximately by 70%. brings about negative impact and burden on ordinary citizens. From August 2015, the house-pricing of Hong Kong reached its peak and then declined rapidly, the main reason may be mostly assumed to be that the whole economic environment of Hong Kong is going downhill. Although Hong Kong’s pricing of houses is now at a frozen stage, most people are unable to afford to purchase their first real estate. As a result, most teens are unsatisfied against the society, due to this high price issue.

每一位年輕人也會有着不同的目標和理想進發。當每一位畢業生離開校園時,他們會帶着不同的擔憂。現在香港社會主要所注示的大多是房價及社會流動性。由五年前多左,房價已平均上升了大約百分之七十,這是已對普通市民帶來負面的影響和負擔。 由二零一五八月本港樓價到達了最高位後急速回落,主要的原因大多是香港整體經濟環境轉差。雖然香港樓市正在冷卻當中,但是大多人也不可能己自己的能力買下第一間房屋。從而年青人大多對社會的不滿因也房屋價格過高所置。


It is believed that most teens (mostly those fresh graduates) are anxious about their future, for the main reason being not understanding and knowing enough about their own future. All carried a tickling-like attitude to enter the world of workplaces, with the unaffordable house-pricing. This is why the society itself results to comprise of both grand and trivial kinds of dissatisfaction. According to varied data, it is simply impossible for most teens to buy a so-called house in a short period of time thus creating chaos in the society. In the light of this, the government may accept varied sides of opinions, developing various policies in order to provide aid to teens in terms of the real estate issue.

相信大多年青人(主要為剛剛大學畢業)對前途感到擔憂,主要的原因是大多不懂及不知自己前途。大家也會帶着反反覆覆的心情進入職場,以及難以負擔的樓價。由多個不同的調查指出香港人要用十九年才可儲蓄已買下房子,這是對大多香港年輕人有沉重的負擔。因此有不少年青人對社會有不同大大小小的不滿。在不同的數據上指出大多年青人根本不可能於短時期內買下房子而造成多個社會問題。 由此可指出政府可多方面接受意見,以及不同的政策以助年青人買下房宇。



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