Depression Awareness Week 抑鬱症認識週


Reading the news after my weekly visit at the psychiatrist, I discovered on media web that it is Depression Awareness Week, in the U.K. Below I share with you all the chosen quotes I read from different newspaper articles, which I could echo with personally.

今天如常每週一次的看完精神科醫生,回到家就發現在英國的媒體網絡上,在宣傳「抑鬱症認識週」。下面我分享我於不同新聞報導中選的章節,那些我能共嗚的章節 (中文版本是我翻譯的)。

❤ Lala

Sometimes you may have the overwhelming desire to stand in the street and scream at the top of your voice, for no particular reason (the writer Andrew Solomon described it as “like wanting to vomit but not having a mouth”).


What does depression feel like? Trust me – you really don’t want to know      Guardian, U.K.


Many factors play a role in depression – genes that are not inherited from the mother, social environment, and life experiences, to name only three. Mother-daughter transmission is just one piece of it.

許多因素在抑鬱症裏面扮演其中一名角色 – 不是從母親而遺傳的基因,社會環境,生活經歷,先命名這三個。母女傳染的僅僅是其中一名角色。

Depression May Be Inherited With Mothers Passing Brain Structure Down To Daughters, Study Suggests   Huffington Post U.K.


People with depression can have ‘good’ days where they don’t feel depressed – indeed, they can have days where they even feel happy

患有抑鬱症的人可以有不感到沮喪的“好日子” – 事實上,他們可以有甚至感到幸福的幾天

7 Important Things People With Depression Want You To Know  Huffington Post U.K.