Alcoholic depressant 酒精抗抑鬱

This is not a post to encourage nor discourage people to drink, it is up to the person himself after all. I suppose I am still right in thinking that the older generation in Hong Kong still associate alcohol as something for guys or misbehaving teens? If not, at least in a traditional family then, unlike in the western world. Correct me if I am wrong, but many teens want to be cool by drinking, some then gradually get addicted. For some time, I tried to get myself to chill out and to get a good night sleep by drinking, because I was feeling depressed for so long.



I did drink sometimes and not a lot for fun in some social occasions, when I went for a night out with friends, but I could never be classified as a regular drinker yet. It was when I studied in France that I would drink in order to face the days to come. Not only I would drink when I hanged out with friends to pubs and clubs, when I struggled with completing my homework and revision, I had to get a bottle from the supermarket to get the guts to continue with my work. When I got insomnia, again, I drank to put myself to sleep. When something did not go well, I drank. Whenever I got upset, I drank to be self-motivated.



To be honest, it helps me to make it through that year, but the true force that allowed me to make it through that year in France was to hold on to my religious faith and my constant prayer. I guess people always saw me regularly when I lived in France must have thought that I was ok, as I took some time out to do travelling and other activities. This is what depression is about. No one really knows that I was already quite depressed when I lived in France. This is why I urge people to pay close attention to those around them, even that person is always cheerful in front of the crowds and in front of anyone. You can pretty much wear a mask in the public very well when you are depressed.



The ratio of me actually enjoying the drink itself or for socialising purpose, against needing it as a temporary depressant that year, is actually 20%:80%. During that period, I still got regular emotional breakdown, although I did not have suicidal thoughts or acts. I eventually became a depression patient in late 2015. As mentioned, I became suicidal.



The body’s tolerance to alcohol varies from one person to another. For me, I am able to stop drinking almost completely since I left France, and then not even one drop of alcoholic drink since I began my medication for my clinical depression. You can google it, but it is said that alcohol increase the chances of people getting depression, so I suggest not to go down my route.



I still believe It is still a pleasure to drink though, so let’s say if you happen to know and master the art of wine tasting. (Oh, I might actually get some friends who know wine to start a category about wine, then some friends on other subjects, and maybe myself start talking about beautifying products! )



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Back to business, so, I am gonna end this with a little patronising tone: peeps, you are welcome to drink, but watch out on how much your body can take. Quoting from my psychiatrist, drinking coffee (to the limit of 1 cup per day) helps, you may consider this depressant as your alternative. After all, the best protective factor against depression is to exercise regularly.

回到本身今次的主題,我會用一點點語重心長的語氣說 :各位,你當然可以喝酒,但注意自己身體說可以承擔多少。覆述我精神科醫生的話,喝咖啡(每天一杯的極限)幫助情緒,所以你可以考慮說以咖啡來做你抗抑鬱藥的選擇。畢竟 ,對抗抑鬱症最好的保護因子是經常運動。

❤ Lala


P.S. I have no grounds to comment on what is the best to get these days when you go out for a drink. Personally, I think if you want to get wasted, just drink a few shots quickly in one go or drink many different kinds of wine in one go. To get alcohol poisoning, you can grab a big bottle of some kind of wine then drink it in one go, then trust me, you will collapse (I did it once myself but for suicidal purpose LOL). For girls, of course, look out for ladies’ night when you want to go for a night out,  and if you prefer cocktails, I recommend ‘Cosmopolitan’, ‘Tequila sunrise’, ‘Mojito’, ‘Sex on the beach’. What is your favourite beer by the way? Mine is Stella Artois (Kronenberg). Attached is one of those shots on fire back in my young old days.

附:我沒有什麼立場去說這陣子出去喝酒時喝些什麼好。個人認為,如果你要很醉,你一口氣快速地喝下幾杯shots或者是一口氣喝幾種不同的酒即可。要酒精中毒,你隨便一口氣灌下一大瓶酒就會暈倒,相信我(我有一次為了自殺這樣試了一次 LOL)。女生的話,當然你可以留意幾時有ladies’ night,而你喜歡雞尾酒,我推薦’Cosmopolitan’, ‘Tequila sunrise’, ‘Mojito’, ‘Sex on the beach’。你最喜歡的啤酒是什麼呢?我自己會說是Stella Artois (Kronenberg)。附上我較年輕時喝過,有著點了火的一款shot。