Prone to depression? 抑鬱症傾向?

Anyone can get depression, but there are some distinct personality traits to become a depression patient. Of course, I will again use myself as the example, but, I have been reading some journals on this topic lately and this is what I get so far. But before I speak more, feeling down for a long time is enough to called it depression.


  • Being a perfectionist / too picky! –> If you get too OCD about anything, surely you get anxious and then you may come to feel bad about yourself feeling like this and acting like this.

  • 作為一個完美主義者/太挑剔! – >如果你太強迫症什麼的,想必你變得焦躁,那麼你可能會可憐你自己有這種感覺和這樣的行為。


  • Skeptical –> suspicious, simply thinking too much, I get insomnia and nightmares.

  • 持懷疑態度 – >可疑,想得太多了,於是失眠及造惡夢。


  • Anxious –> I don’t dare to do anything, I stop doing anything, I can’t do anything so I feel so bad.

  • 焦急 – >我不敢做任何事,我停止做任何事情,我不能做任何事情所以我覺得差。


  • Impulsive

  • 浮躁


  • Too emotional –> I made one mistake, I think I will only continue to make more mistakes, I become ashamed of myself.

  • 過於情緒化 – >我犯了一個錯誤,我想我只會繼續犯更多的錯誤,我感覺羞愧。


  • Feeling insecure

  • 缺乏安全感


  • Being pessimistic –> I think this goes without saying…

  • 悲觀 – >我覺得這個不用解釋


  • Low confidence –> I am so fat, let’s eat less, low appetite. 低自信 – >我這麼胖,讓我吃少點,食慾下降。

Etc. 等等

Some may say that so it is those people having such personality brings themselves into depression then, take the blame of themselves! Time for those stereotyped middle-class middle age ones, to shut up in saying that teens these days tend to get depression are because they are spoiled, when they have more resources and live in a more developed world.

有人會說,所以是有這樣的性格的人使自己陷入抑鬱症,自找!對於那些刻板的中產階級中年人(老Seafood LOL),這些青少年往往會得到抑鬱症,因為他們都被寵壞了,而他們有更多的資源,生活在一個更加發達的世界 – 他們可以閉嘴了。

  • Genes & Hormones
  • 基因&荷爾蒙


  • The chemicals in the air and food –> the Earth is getting dirtier each day, by breathing in air with toxic substances, food that comes out of less-clean-than-before resources (think about the soil, water etc.), increases the chance to get depression.

  • 在空氣和食品裡的化學物質 — >地球每天都變得比以往骯髒,通過在空氣中吸入有毒物質,食品比以往骯髒(想想土壤,水等),就增加獲得抑鬱症的機會。


  • Social atmosphere –> Think about Hong Kong! How dose the society describe those who cannot get into university? Is academic really the cup of tea for all?

  • 社會氣氛 – >想想香港!社會如何形容那些不能進入大學的人?讀書適合所有人嗎?


  • Personal experience –> Not just things like sexual harassment, but maybe lack of love, upbringing atmosphere etc.

  • 個人經歷 – >不只是說性騷擾這些,也可以是缺乏愛,成長期氣氛等等

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 On Depression

For my case, I assume it is a bit of all these above factors causing my depression. But at least, stop assuming that I am a spoiled kid. I will make sure I keep going for hiking, because doing exercise is the best protective factor against depression, as told by my psychiatrist. Ahh, I suddenly wanna go to the London zoo again!


❤ Lala

London Zoo, Christmas time