Gratitude 感謝

Bordeaux, France, Family Trip

It has been a long time when I was last able to uphold a thankful attitude to things or to people, and I know that I really ought to write about certain people who really helped me out a lot when I was at my worst.



One night, I was holding a knife and was about to cut myself, and at the same second, my phone rang, and it was a friend by chance calling, saying that she was worried about me so wanted to check if I was doing Ok. I bursted out into tears. Without this phone call which was made in time, I think I won’t be here, or at least will be injured. I want to thank her for being my best friend, saw a psychotherapist with me when I was not yet back to Hong Kong, and let me stay at her place till my parents arrived in the U.K. She also recommended me a suitable psychiatrist to seek treatment.



There is this person who has truly helped me out loads and loads, and I don’t know why, now I had a certain phobia about this person reflected in my natural physical reactions when I came to think about this person. I simply don’t know what to do anymore, but I still wanted to say, thank you for everything.



Thankfully I am being watched over 24/7 by my parents. I must have got lucky that they came to U.K. in time. I was waiting for their arrival at a train station, and then, I was about to explode both mentally and physically, wanting to scream out in public and then rolled around on the floor crazily. Then my parents appeared in time. Since then, I still tried to kill or harm myself for many times, and they stopped me, either with words or with force.



Without these 4 persons, I would not be alive anymore. Thank you.

如果沒有這4人,我不會在世上了。 謝謝你們。

❤ Lala


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