Rilakkuma Comic拉拉熊的生活


I recommend Rilakkuma comic series for girls who feel down and distressed. Although it seems to be purely containing some cartoon pictures for girls to give that ‘aww’ expression, its light-hearted messages in each caption actually implies lots of happy philosophy to me during the last few weeks. With a simple caption, just a sentence to each picture, each time this bear is telling us the importance to chill out, and to let the bad stuff pass away and move on. For e.g. one caption comes with the picture of the bear and the chicken showering, which roughly says, ‘Let the bad stuff flows away like water does’. Lastly, feel free to check out the video below if you are a fan of this bear, if you want to take loving Rilakkuma to the next level. 😀

我建議感到情緒低落和悲傷的女生可以閱讀 ‘鬆弛熊漫畫系列’。雖然這系列似乎是純粹含有一些卡通圖片讓女生講一句「好得意呀!」,每個標題實際上在過去幾週帶了許多快樂的理念給我。用一句標題,每圖畫旁邊一句簡單的句子說明,這隻熊是在告訴我們放鬆HEA的重要性,去著手讓壞的東西離去。其中一帶有小熊和小雞淋浴的圖畫就有大致這樣說的標題,“讓壞的東西像水流走吧!”。最後,如果你是這熊的粉絲,或如果你想將你對鬆弛熊的愛提升到一個新的水平,可以看看下面的視頻。

❤ Lala



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