Exit discovery搜索出口

The Light Festival (La Fête des Lumières), Lyon, France
The Vatican Museum, Vatican

In short, I found that my master-key which allows me to exit or to get out of my depression, is made up of 3 different ‘keys’ –me, loved ones, God. I still cannot explain to myself how back then I was not depressed, the time when I was much more physically sick during my one-year stay in France. I coughed out blood, had eye and nasal allergy, the pain of wisdom-teeth, and cold in general, together with language barrier and the need to adopt to a new environment.

簡單來說,我發現讓我走出我抑鬱症的’Master-key’,原來是由3把不同的’鑰匙’所構造成 – 自己、疼愛我的人、神。我仍然無法對自己好好解釋為何我留在法國一年的期間雖然身體不斷生病,當年的我卻沒有抑鬱症。我咳出血,眼睛和鼻都過敏,智慧齒的疼痛,一般的感冒,語言障礙,並需要適應新環境: 都加在一起折磨我。


I wanted to name something happy that I got out of that year abroad, so I attach a photo I took when I went to the light festival in Lyon!



The photo I took at the Vatican museum just perfectly portrays what I feel about the danger of depression. It just puts me into this swirl till I could potentially reach the very bottom, which would be to succeed my suicidal act.



So, the plan is to talk about how I make use of each ‘key’; I feel that I am in the process of recovery, yes, I am getting there!

無論如何,我的計劃是要談談我是如何運用每一個把“鎖匙”; 我覺得我是在康復的過程中,是的,出口離我不遠了!

❤ Lala